Collaborative for Resilience and Emotional Wellness Science

The mission of this transdisciplinary research group is to understand, promote, and improve the social and emotional well-being of all patients experiencing serious and/or complex pediatric conditions, their families, and their care team. This exploration will serve to create generalizable knowledge and potential interventions. Read more here: Mission, Vision, & Goals

CREWS has been successful in contributing to generalizable knowledge through its 16 research projects, several poster and oral presentations, and one published manuscript.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are the benefits of joining CREWS?

    • CREWS is a multi-institutional, transdisciplinary group that is dedicated to research focused on the social and emotional well-being of patients, families, and the care team.

    • The collaboration allows members to share insight and feedback with others, including experience with mixed-methods research and qualitative interviews.

    • Trainees are able to gain experience through mentored research projects.

    • With the Community Advisory Board, research projects can be evaluated and feedback received from family members.

    • Strong value of incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion in the group and within projects.

  • How can I become a member of CREWS?

  • How can I get involved with CREWS projects?

    • Please complete this Google Form if you are not already a member and indicate where you would like to get involved. A member of our team will be in contact with you.

  • How can I propose a new project to collaborate with CREWS on?

    • Please complete this Google Form to the best of your ability with information about the proposed project and how it fits in with the mission, vision, and goals of CREWS.

  • How can I share anonymous feedback or concerns with CREWS Coordinating Committee?

Contact our team at