Mission, Vision, Goals, & Values


The mission of this transdisciplinary research group is to understand, promote, and improve the social and emotional well-being of all patients experiencing serious and/or complex pediatric conditions, their families, and their care team. This exploration will serve to create generalizable knowledge and potential interventions.


To collaborate with patients living with serious and/or complex pediatric conditions, their families, and their care teams in order to explore and amplify their voices and experiences. This knowledge will inform future practice to continually improve the lives and experiences of these stakeholders.


1) Produce and disseminate high-quality, mixed-methods research which is culturally sensitive and addresses gaps in existing knowledge

2) Identify and guide changes to improve care and experiences based on research findings

3) Ensure sustainability via intramural and extramural funding

4) Support the professional development of all members

5) Actively engage local communities in project design and implementation

6) Use research to promote CREWS values in the community at large


1) Incorporating diverse opinions

2) Establishing transdisciplinary leadership on every project

3) Recognizing the vulnerability and resilience of patients, families, and care team members

4) Working from a place of respect and curiosity regarding differences in backgrounds and experiences

5) Actively and continually reassessing our own processes, biases, and frameworks

6) Promoting the professional development of its members

7) Acknowledging interlocking systems of oppression and their impact on people from minoritized groups within and beyond research projects

8) Using research findings to promote social justice in the community